Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mornin' ...

as my young niece would say. Well its a bit overcast this morning, but they say it's going to brighten up. Fingers crossed !
Sorry there haven't been any cards for a few days. I'm so tired at the moment, hopefully my test results will shed some light as to why.
I booked a couple of nights off work as I've got this awful chesty cough, that tickly in my throat. So am hopingt o get some cards done after I've cleaned thru this morning. Yes it's the dreaded "H" word. I need to with a dog, kitten, small boy and a hubby.
The kitten n dog are now friends apart from when it comes to food, then the dog has to go outside while Gizzy eats. It's a palava.

Well I'd better get meself ready for the school run and then it's back for I can't even bring myself to type it again LOL !

T T F N Love Karen xxx


Cathy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I 'm not sure who is messier - the kids, hubby or pets!!
Thank you for the comment about my triangle card - I made the template myself. For mine the base is 12cm long and the height from the centre is 15 cm.
Hope you get round to some crafting,
Cathy xx

Lesley said...

Hi Karen - really do hope you feel better soon - Lesley x

Tracey said...

Sorry you arent feeling 100% hope you soon get sorted.

I bet you got your housework done better than I did. I got as far as craft room and then stopped.

Hope to see you soon

Louise Emma said...

Hope you are feeling much perkier soon hun x Big hugs x