Monday, 15 June 2009

Good morning ...

fellow bloggers. It's a bit cooler this morning due to the rain we had in the night, and what a welcome relief that was. Working in a metal wharehouse I freeze in winter and cook in summer. Last night the heat was terrible so when it rained it was GORJUS !!!
DS is bathed, fed, watered and dressed all ready to go off to school. Just little old me to sort out.

The kitten is settling in well and has really found his feet, especially where the dogs concerned. He teases him now to see what the dog will do. All in all they seem to be getting on ok at the min. He's very playful and chases his own tale alot. When he mews DS asks what he's saying. I've explained that we don't speak cat, but he thinks we should know. LOL. Not after watching Red Dwarf for years have I picked up the ancient language of mew. LOL.

Any way that's me for now, am off to start a card. I've an idea in my head and it wont go away.

Happy crafting and sorry for the waffle.
Love Karen xxx

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Kim Piggott said...

Oh how sweet asking for the cat translation! I loved Red Dwarf and Cat was my favourite!
Have a great day.
kim x