Monday, 1 June 2009

Mornin' ...

And what a glorious one it is. Went back to work last nite after a week off. Never nice. I managed to finish early as I lift share and the driver had already arranged to finish at break, so bonus.
DS is getting ready for school, he's been asking all week when will it be time to go back. I'm glad he enjoys it, it makes life so much easier.
Have got a few ideas running thru my head at the min. Think I need to write them down before I forget.
It's good to see my blog friend Louise Emma is back up and about after her few weeks in hospital. You've been missed Mrs.
Am off to get some breakfast and text my friend make sure she's up. And then It'l be off on the school run with DS and his lucky legs. Lucky you ask ? Yes lucky they don't break LOL. I've seen more meat on a butchers apron LOL. But he's happy and thats all that counts.

Well am off to get done. Have a fab day in the sunshine and think of me stuck indoors asleep while your all sat in your gardens crafting away like good'uns. Happy crafting.
Love Karen xxx

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willow said...

I have left you a little something on my blog