Sunday, 21 June 2009

Good morning ...

from a sunny Derby. I think I'm falling apart. I've been poorly on and off for a few weeks and now my chest has started and I'm all snuffly. When will it end ? ! Any way grumble over.

Went to the Papermill shop yesterday and picked up a couple of boxes of card. Found some lovely white card that was hammered but not as heavy a pattern as usual and some gorjus coloured card. 2 £1.25 little stamp sets managed to fall into my basket to keep the 2 rolls of ribbon company. I just don't know how that happens ! Do you have the same sort of thing with your baskets ?

Started 2 cards yesterday, so want to get them done today. Will post them later.
Well I'm off to text my Dad, OH's Dad had his card yesterday so sorted.

T T F N happy crafting.
Love Karen x

PS. Happy Father's Daddy love from Flynnbob x

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