Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What a lovely day .....

and I have to go to work. I'd rather be sitting in the garden or taking a walk to Elvaston Castle. Oh hum a necessary evil I'm afraid.

Didn't get into my craft room at the weekend, but this weekend I'm heading in there and not coming out until I've made something. Could be in a there a long time lol.

Ds seems to enjoying his return to school, which is good. He's looking forward to going to secondary school in September, which he's ready for.

Well I'm offski to get ready for work.


Friday, 10 April 2015

No piccies today ....

Just me having a bit of a ramble on. Well it's Friday thank goodness, even though it's been a short working week, it's dragged !
I'm looking forward to getting in y craft room, having a look round some of my favourite blogs and making some long awaited cards. Might even throw in a layout or 2.

I think DS might be sleeping out tonight so exciting for him. At least I won't have the playstation battle when I get in from work lol.

Off to get ready for the necessary evil, yes work.


Thursday, 9 April 2015

What a lovely day ...

The sun is out and spring is here. Fingers crossed we'll get a good summer.

Just wanted to share a card I made for my step mum's birthday yesterday. And today would've been my Mum's 73rd birthday. I usually have daffodils in the house for her but I couldn't get any when I went shopping. I'll try again at the weekend.

Well the school holidays are drawing to an end thank goodness. DS doesn't like being off, he prefers school. Not a bad thing I know.

I'm doing the Race for life in July at Darley Park. The 12th I think it is. I'm just waiting on my Race pack. I've made a Just giving page if anyone would like to donate to this more than worthy cause. I will post the link and details at the weekend when I have a little more time.

I'm hoping that this weekend I'll be able to spend in my craft room. I have so many ideas in my head I really need to get in here. Of course, that  will be after my Saturday morning weigh in. It's getting slow now and I get disappointed with myself, but I knew it would get more difficult the less I have to loose.

Well I'd better go and get ready for work and sort out what the others are having for their tea. Suppose DS will give me his usual " don't know " reply.

Have a lovely day what ever you're doing. Happy crafting.


Monday, 6 April 2015

As promised yesterday....

a few things I've made recently.

The first card was for my mother in law on Mother's Day to go with this plaque that I made.

The card below was for my sister in laws 50th birthday in December.

This was for my Dad's birthday, he was 75. I need to get some sealing wax as I used a candle but it was very wet and too soft I think, but it was worth a try.
I did him a layout but for some reason the picture won't post. Very strange.

Well I switched my pc on today and a few things appeared that I thought were in the lost files. Just 1 of the strange happenings over the past few days.
I do have another card to put on but I can't until Wednesday, so I'll have to keep you in suspenders until then lol.

Off to do some colouring in with the new images I got yesterday. Oh and I think I need to eat !


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Well what a .....

palava ! I finally get my pc back up and running only to find out that a folder containing digital stamps is MISSING ! Yes gone for good I'm afraid. So, needless to say I'm not a happy bunny and feeling quite gutted.

I've got a few bits and bobs to share but I need to reset by blue tooth back up so I can get the pics off my phone.

I'll be back tomorrow but I need to go and get ready for my date with Ross Poldark.