Saturday, 14 April 2012

WOW and Double WOW !

Cough, splutter, splutter, cough ! I can't believe it's this long since I came on my blog. Excuse the coughing, it's all the dust and cob webs.

I hopped on to see what was happening in blogland and guess what I found ? Apart from the dust, I really must get my Marigolds on and Spring clean. Any way I digress.

I found an award from a lovely fellow blogger called Buffy over at Buffy's place. I'm so honoured that she fells I inspire her. Especially since I've not been around lately.
Thank you Buffy.

Now on to the award and the rules:

The award is given to Bloggers with fewer than 200 followers; the aim to get some new followers.
Then pass on the Award to five other Blogs.
So the actual steps involved are:
Link back to the person who gave you the award and thank them. Done - thanks again Buffy.
Post the award on your Blog - Done - proudly displayed above.
Pass on the award to five Bloggers who inspire you - Done, see list below.
Leave a comment on their Blogs to let them know - Done.

I'm passing the Leibster award on to the following Blogs:

Maz at Love Heart Home

Tracey at My own little corner of the web.

Riet at Riet's blog.

Rica at Rica's Heaven.

Mo at Digital Pencil too.

All are very inspiring and have amazing talent. Please take a look at their blogs you wont be disappointed.

Thank you my followers for being so patient and staying with me while I've been AWOL.

Well off to get some cleaning materials to get the dust and cob webs out the way so that I can start posting again.