Friday, 10 October 2014

Well so much for ....

having more time for crafting and my blog ! The last few weeks have just been work and family issues to sort out and it doesn't look like this weekend is going to be any different.

To be honest there is a plus this weekend. Fingers crossed I'll get my illusive 3 stone award and my SW consultants is taking all her social team out for an indian meal on Saturday night. I've bought a new top and am really looking forward to it.

Last night I tried to buy a couple of images from Mo and the bank stopped the transaction for some reason. This morning they rang me to ask for confirmation that it was me making the transaction. Good going fraud team at my bank nice to know my money is safe but I did really want those digi stamps. Back to square one lol..

The sun is shinning, the washing's on and my boy is on his PS3 - inset day. Off to get ready for work and then try and buy my digi stamps.

Fingers crossed, wind in the right direction, help of 2 policeman I might actually get chance to make a card or 2 this weekend.