Friday, 29 August 2008

It's been ...

a mad old week. Not had any time to craft BOOHOO!! Work has been absolutely crazy so I've been shattered. Hence me being AWOL abit this week.
Am hoping to get some cards done over the weekend. Everything crossed !
Where's this heat wave we were supposed to be getting ? Had an email from friend the other day in Cyprus and their having a heat wave over there. Guess that must be where ours is. Never mind

I'm off to try and get something crafty done.
Have a fab weekend.
Love Karen x

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Well what a ...

night. It was busy, busy, busy. I was mad to go back on a Bank hol night its always manic. But its over and done with now and my routine can get back to normal.
Am hoping to get some cards done at some point this week. Fingers and toes crossed.

Have a lovely day
Love Karen x

Monday, 25 August 2008

Cards from the past few weeks

Happy Birthday Hubby ...

This is the card I made for him. He loves Bob marley and Reggae music.

I've been working on my Christmas cards and getting 1 or 2 ideas made. I'm going modern and traditional, I think those of you who know me will be a bit suprised by what I've done for the modern.

Well I'm off to nan nites (work tonight).

See you later, have a great afternoon. Love Karen x

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Knock Knock ...

It's ME ! With some more cards. The B/W Sinatra was for a special order (thank you friend you know who you are). The Mices are for my stock and I made the flowers using different punch sizes and inked the edges.
Hope you like them.
Sorry I haven't been on for a whole week. I've been spending time with my DS and I've been a bit down after the loss of a very close friend.
But I'm back now and ready for the world.
Back to work tomorrow BOOHOO!!!
I've joined a new forum as the forum where I loved going closed down recently. The new one seems very friendly and there are lots of people that have been there for years so its fairly well established. Hope I enjoy it as much as the old one.

Well I must dash as tomorrow is Hubby's birthday and Ihaven't done his card yet. Naughty ME !

Love Karen x
PS Hope the pics are better this post Viv, ta for the comments.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Here are just a few cards.

Hope you like them.
Be back later.
Love Karen x

Saturday, 16 August 2008


I'm back from my travels. Had a great time with Hubby and DS. The weather was mixed which meant we didn't get to go to the beach boohoo! But we did get out and about to various places. The Sealife centre was a fav with all of us. DS espaecially liked walking through the tunnel of fish.
We saw a lot of surfers as it was Ripcurl while we were there.
Didn't have a Cornish pastie or Cream tea, but we did have a gigantic piece of cake. Neither of us could finish it. I wish I'd taken a pic now.
What have you lot been up to while I've been gone? I see Viv and Issy have been busy with Tilda's and punch art. Gorjus cards ladies.
Pam are you ok love?
Well I'd better go and get sorted. Need to get some bicci's in now I'm back.
Have a lovely weekend.
Love Karen x

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Soooooo Sorry...

for being awol over the past week. I've been busy with an order, work and my gorjus DS.
I know I said that I would be putting some pics on but I just haven't had the time. Very naughty of me I know. Aplogies.! Yes I know it's spelt wrong, it was sent to me on an email at work and I thought it looked good.LOL.

Well I'm going to the seaside for a few days so am going to be awol again. When I get back there will be no getting rid of me and I'l be boring you all with the picci's.LOL

Just off to pack a few crafting bits that hubby has said I can take. Decisions decisions, what will I choose ?!

Have a good one while I'm away and don't eat all the bicci's. It'l be fudge all round when I'm back.

Take care and will miss you all.
Love Karen x