Saturday, 9 August 2008

Soooooo Sorry...

for being awol over the past week. I've been busy with an order, work and my gorjus DS.
I know I said that I would be putting some pics on but I just haven't had the time. Very naughty of me I know. Aplogies.! Yes I know it's spelt wrong, it was sent to me on an email at work and I thought it looked good.LOL.

Well I'm going to the seaside for a few days so am going to be awol again. When I get back there will be no getting rid of me and I'l be boring you all with the picci's.LOL

Just off to pack a few crafting bits that hubby has said I can take. Decisions decisions, what will I choose ?!

Have a good one while I'm away and don't eat all the bicci's. It'l be fudge all round when I'm back.

Take care and will miss you all.
Love Karen x

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Viv said...

Have a great holiday Karen!!!
Thanks loads for your lovely comments. Viv xxx