Thursday, 18 June 2009

Aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh ...

I'm so angry with my local shop. I've just been in to get some money and some shopping only to find that the machine isn't working. That's only all week now ! Not a problem you would think, I'l pay chip n pin. Get's my shopping, goes to the checkout and my least favourite operator is on, but that's by the by. He scan's everything thru, I ask for cash back, I wait and wait and wait. Then the machine beeps and he utters those imortal words, " I'l have to try it again, it's cancelled the transaction. So off we go again, and it cancells again. So we give it another go, third time lucky you'd think. Huh no such luck. So I say can't you just swipe it ? Seems the logical solution. But oh no he can't do that, he doesn't make the rules, he just works there. So I have to leave my shopping and drive to the nearest cash machine to get cash and then drive back to the shop. Just what you need when you've been to work all night. I've been told that this happens with all cards from my bank and it's been reported, but nothings been done. So the moral of the story is you can only shop in there if you've got cash or you don't bank at this certain bank. WHAT'S HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE ???

What makes it worse is that this is a store thats owned by one of Britains largest supermarkets, but doesn't trade under that name and that I was the manager of before I had DS. i don't usually cause a fuss, but I'm going in later when some one with a bit of sense is in.

Sorry to have a moan, I'l be back later when I've calmed down.
Love Karen xxx


Tracey said...

oh I feel for you Karen.

See you later

Lesley said...

A bad start to the day then Karen - so frustrating - hope your day improved - Lesley x