Thursday, 15 October 2009

Who'd of thought ...

25 mins in an operating theatre would make you feel so tired and like you'd done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. I'm absolutely pooped ! Thought I'd feel better today but I think I feel worse. Maybe I'm just rubbish at being a patient LOL ! That's what hubby tells me anyway.

It's DS's assembly this morning so it's off to that and then to the Doc's to take my letter. Then I'l be ready for a nap again. Hopefully I'l manage a bit of crafting this afternoon. I've got a half finished multiple challenge card on my work bench that keeps calling me everytime I walk past the door of my craft room. LOL.

I've visited some blogs this morning and think I'm just about there with everyone. Although, for some reason I can't leave comments on some blogs, not sure why because I usually can. Hubby is going to check my updates later.

Well I'm off to get myself sorted and iron DS's uniform. BOYS !
T T F N Love Karen xxx


Avril Ann said...

Karen, you must remember to take time out and rest, I hope you are going to celebrate your Anniversary and Birthday when you are better....take care, Hugs Avril xxx

JanJ said...

Just take it easy hun, the ironing can wait!

have a good day and hope you get to celebrate soon

Jan xx

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh sweetie.... it'll take more than 1 day!!!! just take it easy and stop running around so much. you're in my prayers and i'll just bet you'll feel better tomorrow!