Friday, 2 October 2009

An apology and Well what a week ...

Firstly I would like to say sorry to all my followers and blog friends for not being about much. All will be explained momentarily. Big hugs to you all.

Well what a week ! Work is still a bit stressful at the min as we all try to get used to the new shift and working hours. (mine haven't changed) YET !

And as a family we are having my hubby's 8 year old to live with us. He has a few problems and has been excluded from school. His Mum rang my hubby the other day and said would we have him on a pemanent basis when he picks him up on Saturday. So I've been in overdrive since then trying to arrange schooling, sleeping arrangements and everything else that goes with having an 8 year old. Hubby has been busy getting hold of solicitor's and welfare people to try and get info what we need to know and do.
I feel sure that his Mum didn't come to this decision lightly as he has a young sister at home who he adores.
We've got a meeting at th Junior school where DS is at the infants, next Tuesday. I've booked next week off work so that I can spend some time with him and in the hope that he'l be in school the following week P/T at least.
We have got to sit and talk to DS today so that he knows what's going on as he'l have to share his room and the WII. OMG at 5 and a half sharing your WII is just awful LOL !

Sorry to burden you all with this, but my blog is my outlet.
Am off to my craft room now to do some CAFTING !!!!! Am off to Dabblers later to catch up with all my crafty mates. Don't suppose I'l get much done but I can show willing !

T T F N Love Karen xxx


Kim Piggott said...

Oh my goodness Karen life throws us a few curve balls doesn't it.
I know you will do brilliantly take care.
kim x

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

he's gonna love you!!!! that's a difficult move all around but i just know he's gonna love you!


Cheryl said...

he will love you hun,as you sound such a lovely person it will be difficult but you get there in the end thinking of you hun love cheryl xxxxx

Biscuitlid said...

ah bless
sounds like you're doing all you can to make him feel welcome and safe in your home


Lesley said...

Put your best foot forward and all will fall into place - having met DS tonight he'll be fine with it & I'm sure he will settle well into your family well - just think it will be more difficult for him than yourselves as he's probably wondering what an earth is going on & won't be able to figure out why it has happened - just remember he is probably quite vunerable emotionally at the mo - chin up you can do and do it well! love Lesley x