Thursday, 8 October 2009

I'm still ....

here and I've not done any crafting. My week has been busy trying to sort out schooling for my step son and a hospital visit for me.
Unfortunately due to a minor disagreement between my hubby and DSS Mother, the poor lad has been picked up and taken home. He didn't want to go but who listen's to an 8 year old.?
So today's a new day and I can spend it crafting after I've made a few phone calls to undo the arrangements made for him. Hubby and I are so disheartened. Oh humm.
I've got a card to finish for a challenge and something and I need to start the samples for my brother's Wedding invites, order of service and place names. NO PRESSURE ! And get my SOPHISTICATS in early this week. Boy will that shock 'em !
So all in all plenty to keep me busy.

Am off to get sorted before DS gets up and his friend arrives for me to take to school. In the words of Arnie, " I'l be back " later with something to show you, I promise, honestly I will !

Love Karen xxx


Lesley said...

Poor lad - I bet he can't work out what's going on & I bet DS is confused too. Sounds as though she is using him as a weapon - my heart goes out to him. At least you welcomed him with open arms and you all were working to make him feel wanted = adults who'd have 'em.
Hope you hospital visit went well - take care
best wishes
Lesley x

Tracey said...

oh Karen, so sorry to read this post. I feel for all of you and the emotions that each and every one of you is going through (((hugs))

Jackie said...

hugs coming your way hun xxxxx