Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Am Back .....

from having no PC. My PC died and went to heaven so a genie got me this one. Sorry I've been awol. It's taken me all day to do the Windows updates and stuff.
Normal service will be resumed later today.

Did you miss me ?!

Love Karen xxx


Lesley said...

you must have been very lost without your PC - what a great genie you have at your house- are you feeling better and back at work or are you still off best wishes Lesley x

JanJ said...

Missed ya tons! Welcome back hun

Jan xx

Lisa aka Allissa said...

Course we missed ya! Glad you got a new toy hun. have fun and enjoy your week off....get cozy in your craft room and dish out some more beauties. Karen...did I thank you for Steves card? I cant remember if I did hun...if not im so sorry. It was gorj & thanks from me heart :-) {{{ }}}

Luv Lisa.xx