Friday, 16 October 2009

Looking "Fly" ...

I believe is the word of the moment. In my day it was "smart". Oh how cable tv has changed our language.
It's school pic's today so we've had to have a red sweatshirt and our hair mohawked even though it's too long. You would not believe the product that's in his hair so he looks "cool". 6 in January and he wants to look "fly" and "cool", which to me are one and the same. I'm dreading what he'l want when he's a teenager !
Well he says he looks "well good" ! I just hope it manages to hold until the pics are taken.
Oh to be that age again when all you've got to think about is who's going to have the best hair in their pics.
Back later with a card or 2 hopefully.
T T F N Love Karen xxx


Mandy said...

like you I wouldn't mind going back to that age sometimes...I have a 13 year old hormonal teenage daughter...swap?

Mandy xx

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh yeah! he's definitely "fly" AND "cool" seeing as i've never heard fly before! but he rocks in my book!


lorna said...

lol did it hold out till the pics?

Lorraine A said...

aww he is well cool :-)

you have to post the school pic when you get it so we can see if the gel held !! :-)

Lorraine x x

Cheryl said...

oh great picture hun love the hair love cheryl xxxxx

Cheryl said...

oh great picture hun love the hair love cheryl xxxxx

Jill said...

aww Karen he's so handsome, enjoy as they grow up so quickly hugs Jill xx

Avril Ann said...

Great Picture Karen, and he is "Fly" and "Cool" as they say nowadays, my grandson Tommy 9, refused to have his school photo taken on Thursday as he needed a "Haircut"....I think the boys are worse than the girls, thanks for visiting my blog earlier on today.....Hugs Avril xxx