Sunday, 5 July 2009

What a day ...

I had yesterday. NO INTERNET ALL DAY ! How bad is that. I rang my provider only to be told that there was a fault in the area and taht it should be fixed by 4pm. So off I went to craft thinking "well at least It'l be on later". No such luck, by evening time stil no internet. So I got on the phone again, spoke to some one else "ther'e a fault in your area" came the reply. So that was the point I saw red. I explained that I had had no use all day and that they would still be happy to charge me for a service THEY couldn't supply and that wasn't good enough. She said that she would credit £5 to my account for my inconvenience at which point I told her that I would be ringing everyday until it was fixed.

You guessed it, yes IT'S BACK ON ! A bit of a give away seeing as I've posted.

I'l be back shortly to put a card on. T T F N .
Love Karen xxx

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