Saturday, 11 July 2009

Just a quick ...

pop in this morning to say HELLO !
It's a bit grim out there this morning, but am hopping it'l brighten up as the day goes on. Lots to do today. The dreaded "H" word, some gardening (might leave that to hubby and DS), aged parent to visit. Haven't seen my Dad for weeks and he only lives about 10 mins away and my step mum is younger that my Dad so isn't aged, my fortnightly call to my brother to see if he and his kiddly winks are ok. And oh yeah a LARGE amount of crafting.
Managed to pick up an order this week WOOHOO ! Need to get a few more details though for that. Have got an order for my friend, I want to make my other friend a birthday card for Monday and have got 2 gifts for DS's teachers to do, challenge cards, the ideas that are in my head onto paper.
And then this afternoon ... LOL !

Have a lovely day, happy crafting.
T T F N Love Karen xxx

PS. Drop some things off at my friend Lesley's (haven't forgotten) x


debby4000 said...

Sounds like a busy weekend.

Lesley said...

I'm worn out just reading what you have todo - I have the dreaded H may go to the well dressing at Aston -going to visit my mum in hospital and then come home. I've not had much time for crafting but hoping to do some tonight. I didn't think for 1 minute you would forget my images lol
love Lesley x

Enfys said...

I need a nap just reading all you have to do. Get the other stuff out of the way and get to that craft table..
Have a great weekend
En x