Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Morning Fellow Bloggers ...

just a quick hello and catch up before I pootle off to bed.
Well it's DS's last day in reception. It only seems like yesterday I was telling you all that he'd started school. Off we went this morning with presents and cards made ny yours truely of course. He had 2 teachers and 2 classroom assistants. I got his teachers academic diaries and altered them and the assistants got choccies.
Their having a little party today, which he's very excited about. Other than that I'm not sure what the day will hold.
I'm off part of next week and then don't go back to work until the 16th of August. How good is that.? Their short of teamleaders next week so I struck a deal and opened the right box.

Well I'm off as my eyes are going as I type.
T T F N Love Karen xxx

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