Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sorry ...

I've been a very bad blogger. It's not been a great week. Hubby has been put on 30 day notice and may get made redundant and I've been dealing with a similar situation at work. Fortunately my job is safe for the time being. But it's not a great time for anyone at the min.

Well onto a more cheery note. This is all I've managed to do this week. DS's teacher's gift. He had 2 teacher's so I got 2 academic diaries and covered them in LA papers and bazill card. I didn't make them too fancy as they tend to get damaged being taken in and out of your bag.

Went craft shopping yesterday with hubby and DS. Got some bargains, but still no flower punch. Am off into town this morning to get one. I just can't function without it. I had to buy some Bazill bities yesterday, un heard of for me.
Hubby and DS are off visiting Hubby's son over in L'boro today so I'l have plenty of time to have a play with my new stash.

I'm on holiday after Monday for over 2 weeks, so I'l be crafting in between entertaining DS. I think ther'l be plenty of walks to the castle over the next few weeks.

Am off to get sorted, hairdressers at 9am (hubby made the appointment). 9am I ask you !
T T F N Love Karen xxx


Sarita said...

I love this paper Karen, it is so pretty.
So sorry to hear about hubby, it must be so worrying. I'll keep everything crossed for you both that things turn out OK,
Take care Jackie,
Love Sarita xx

Enfys said...

What a great gift, really like the paper you chose. sorry to hear about your DH's job, fingers and toes crossed that it will all be okay. We live in difficult times..
Have a lovely crafty weekend
En x

Janet said...

Lovely card Karen.....we live in such uncertain times at the moment I am hoping everything turns out ok for you and your hubby!X

Lesley said...

Sorry to hear that your husbands job is at risk - will keep my fingers crossed for you - enjoy your time off from work -lv Lesley x

Bev said...

So sorry to read about your hubby hun, this is such awful times for so many people. Hope he manages to find something soon xx

Louise Emma said...

Big hugs hun, hope it all works out for you and hubby xxx Lovely card xxx