Monday, 19 January 2009

You guessed it ...

It's raining here. Absolutely chucking it down. It was lovely yesterday, sunny and windy. I just knew it wouldn't last. Oh hum !
Managed to finish a bit earlier this morning so have had a bit of sleep already. Thank goodness.
DS is just having his breakfast and morning cup of tea. Is he his mother's son. I can't start the day without my tea. What about you ? What's your 1st drink of the day ?

I'm off to dig my waders and souwester out.
T T F N love Karen xxx


Louise Emma said...

COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!!!!!! Just love a good cup of Mellow Birds in the morning!!!

Its peeing down here too hun, was sun shine earlier.... but just had a right downpour!

Might need wellies for school run this afternoon.

Big hugs babe xxx

lorna said...

coffee for me too but not until i get to work, my first job of the day is to sit and have a coffee lol