Sunday, 4 January 2009

Good ...

cold and gloomy morning. Oooh It's chilly out there.
Got a bit of a busy day. DS is offt o a party for 10 for 2 hours and then its back home to get dinner on and hopefully get some sleep before work tonight. I went to bed at about 3 this morning as I couldn't sleep and now I feel shattered !
Had a lovely day at MIL's crafting. Now I've got to crack on with an order for 12 birthday cards that I need to get into the post.

Thats me for now. Have a happy crafty day.
Love Karen xxx


Jackie said...

hi Karen, have replied to your comment on my blog... (in comments). thank you for taking time to reply to my warning. x

Jackie said...

ps your cards are lovely, I suggest you stickk a watermark overlay on them. !!!!!! just incase . x

Tracey said...

Karen its beautiful, as usual.