Saturday, 10 January 2009

Have been up ...

most of the night coughing and now my head feels like it's going to fall off. And before anyone says anything, no it didn't fall off years ago LOL !
I'm shattered after having 2 of DS's friends round yesterday for a little tea party. I didn't feel too good but I had promised him.
I shall miss Lorna's 1st crop of the year, which am not very pleased about. Sorry Lorna.
Well I'm off to sort myself out. I need to get to the Post office at some point.
Have a fab day crafting.
Love Karen xxx


Tracey said...

Oh Karen, so sorry to read that you have the lurgy. Wishing you a real speedy recovery...does this mean a week of work??

Hope the little man enjoyed his birthday tea.

Louise Emma said...

Awww Karen, still no better? Big hugs from me hun xxxx

lorna said...

we missed you karen, hope your feeling better now.