Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Just a quick pop in ...

DS has been off for a couple of days with a virus of some sort, so am absolutely shattered. Was going to do some crafting but I don't think the match sticks will hold much longer LOL !
Oh the joys of being a Mummy and working nights ! Still it pays for my habit and obsession, crafting that is. !
Hopefully he'l be fit for school in the morning and I can get some Zzzzzzz 's in and some crafting.

Thank sto all my friends that keep visiting and I'l be back blog hopping tomorrow. Have had a quick nip round and there are some gorjus creations our there ladies and gents. Superb !

T T F N Love Karen xxx


Lesley said...

hope DS is better soon so you can get some sleep and you must be shattered. The joys of being a mum!!!
best wishes
Lesley x

Mandy said...

hope you get some sleep and recharge the batteries..Hope DS gets better quick...
Mandy xx