Saturday, 23 January 2010

Gooooooooodddddddd Morning bloggers ....

Woohoo it's the weekend !

I'm spending the day crafting can't wait. Hubby and DS are off out so am home alone ! Although I have to push that plug in thingy that sucks stuff up off the floor, you know the button, brad and gem eater ! But Sssshhh don't tell the crafting police or I'l be in trouble LOL !

I've got some new stamps I want to have a play with and get some challenges done and just have a day for ME. Does that sound selfish ?

Well am off to do a bit of blog hopping before I get cracking.
T T F N Love Karen xxx


anndees said...

Lucky you, I wish I could have a day to myself at home I usually have to go out to get that sort of treat. Enjoy it though. See you soon x

Tracey said...

Enjoy your day playing and cant wait to see what you come up with.

Lovely to catch up with you and Maz last night.

Hope to see you soon