Saturday, 22 August 2009

The week that was ...

thank goodness it's over. It's always hard going back to work after a long holiday, but it's a bit stressful with the circumstances at work at the moment. I shouldn't say that really as my boss visits my blog LOL !
Well hubby kept his job which is 1 less thing to worry about. THANK GOODNESS ! Now just my health to sort out. Not that I'm poorly as in sick, just got an issue to deal with. Hopefully the hospital will sort me out. Not that I should complain as there are friends in far worse condition that me.
It's a gorjus morning here, the sun's out and it's lovely warm, washings blowing nicely in the breeze. Sounds idilick (don't think that's spelt right) doesn't it. ?
I've got a card half done and loads of ideas running thru my head which I need to get on paper. So am off as hubby is hoovering behind me and I think he wants me to move as he keeps hitting my chair. Subtle as a brick LOL.

T T F N Happy Crafting !
Love Karen xxx

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blackdragon said...

looking forward to being on the team with you karen... hope your a little crazy... cos i am!!!!
hugs lynx