Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nothing crafty ...

done yesterday. By the time we had had lunch and such like time was ticking on so we across to the park. All the cuties really enjoyed themselves. Especially when OH got into this dish thing that spins. They were all pushing it round, needless to say he was extremely dizzy when he got off. The cuties all had to have a go then, they looked so funny when they came off it. You had to be there, one of those moments I wished I'd got my camera.
Looks like today is going to be a bit quieter here, so might get something done. Need to get some of that nasty "H" word done before I do anything in my room.
I've got an order for someone at work, so I'l get that done so that I can deliver it Thursday. I'l know it's done then.

Well that's me for now. Hopefully you haven't nodded off. Have a lovely day.
Happy crafting !
love Karen xxx

1 comment:

Chris said...

LOL, no, I haven't nodded off :) Hope you don't have to spend too long on the evil H. Chris xx