Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh ...

Any one else having problems with their following list and the disappearance of their own followers ?
I've not had any updates on my list since last night, so I apologise to those blog friends I visit daily. I will be catching up when I get my list back.
I thought having Firefox was supposed to stop this sort of thing happening oooh am so upset today. Hopefully it'l be sorted and I'l be able to get my challenges in on time.

Well that's my grumble done with off to get a cuppa, do that nasty "H" word and then some crafting and no doubt a game of bowling on the WII.

T T F N Love Karen xxx


tracy said...

Hi Karen
was just wondering myself my links seem to be working and i thought i would check on some other peoples blogs to find out if they are having any problems and it turns out you are having the same problems as me I am glad I am not alone how frustrating, congratulations on winning the abc challenge.
tracy x

Lesley said...

Hi Karen - no that I know off - but not been on for a few days as bro up helping me sort some of my mum's estate etc - Glad your ok though & still crafting - Lesley x