Saturday, 1 August 2009

Morning ...

from a drizzly Derby. I'm hoping that the rain theyv predicted for this afternoon has been early and that we might get a decent day. Only time will tell.
Well I've been off since Tuesday and I haven't done much crafting, but I have had a fair bit of rest which is good because I was SHATTERED !
Managed to replace my broken flower punch yesterday, which is good. Hopefully it'l last me as long as my other one.
Thought I'd share this beautiful card that DS made for his Dad the other afternoon. Not sure what team he's meant to play for and he does look like he might need the magic sponge, but he's coloured beautifully. I think I'd better watch out.
Hubby is off next week much to DS's approval, he loves his Daddy being at home. They play on the WII together on Mario kart, I can't play because apparently I'm rubbish at it. LOL ! Oh to have the concerns of a 5 year old !
I'd better be off before you all nod off. Have got loads of ideas and a couple of orders to get thru sooooooooooo thats me for now.

Back later T T F N
Love Karen xxx


Cathy said...

Wow thata a fab card made by your son ... I bet dad was chuffed!
Have a great weekend.
Cathy xx

Lesley said...

tell he has talent - fantastic colouring - Lesley x

Jill said...

aww it' fantastic his dad will love it, thanks for your lovely comments on my cards have a great weekend hugs Jill xx

Jules said...

Hi Karen

Looks like you are going to have to keep your eye on your stash - your son has done a good job!

Tell your son you will never get any better on the WII if he doesn't let you practice. LOL!!

Have a good weekend.

Love Jules xx