Sunday, 10 May 2009

We've had a lovely ...

morning at Elvaston Castle teaching DS to ride his bike without stabillizers. And he can do it which means he can take his bike to school on a Monday woohoo ! He's so excited because that'l be 2 new things on 1 day. He starts staying sandwiches tomorrow too which he's told everyone about.

So I haven't done any crafting and no challenge cards have been done. But i've had a great morning with my hubby, my boy and our friends. Sometimes even crafting has to take a back seat.
I'l be back tomorrow to catch up with everyones blogs and the challenges.
Have a lovely afternoon, happy crafting !
Love Karen xxx


lorna said...

ah thats great karen, i bet he is so proud of himself.

Lesley said...

thats brill -bet your proud and he's really pleased with himself - have a good week - Lesley x

willow said...

Ahhh bless him, I was only saying the other day how grown up he is, I bet you wont keep him off it now
send him a kiss from me x x x