Sunday, 24 May 2009

Am absolutely shattered ...

after moving my friend yesterday. How eventful can 1 day be ? VERY ! There were frayed tempers and stress by the end of it. But their in and thats all that matters. All we've got to do at the old house is clean it and get it ready to be inspected by the letting agent. No problem !
The kids were great and really well behaved, which isn't bad because they didn't have anything to play with at the old house.

Off for a bit of retail therapy today with my MIL, to The Range. I need to get some acrylic paints so that I can finish their house warming pressie. And who knows what might fall into my basket. LOL.

Off to get ready aswe've got to take the van back and then off to Loughborough. Have a fab day.
Love Karen xxx


willow said...

See you later, I had no problem getting on here today, seems I may have solved the problem

lorna said...

glad the move went well karen, just the same as what we were doing yesterday, moving Amee, too hot for that lol, have a great time at the range.

Lesley said...

Have a great weekend - glad the move went well - moving is very stressful - I hate it - Lesley x