Friday, 22 May 2009

Morning All ...

well I was off last night and am off now until Monday and then I'm off the rest of next week. Only going in on Monday to get my leui day. So lots of crafting time after we've (hubby is off too) done some of the jobs that need doing around the house.
Off into town after we've dropped DS at school. Need to go to the £1 shop for some tape and other bits n bobs. And to my local art shop to get a decent pencil and look at the BG papers. I was going to the Range on Sunday with MIL, but she sneaked off without me. Naughty lady ! LOL.
Well I'm off to get ready as I'm looking after the animals at my friends house, she's back tonight. Then we're helping her move house tomorrow, so I need to get a card done.

T T F N happy crafting
love Karen xxx


willow said...

What do you mean we arent going on Sunday?? I am still going even if you're not!!
If you go town could you get me some DST please and a bottle of gloddy accents as well and I will give you the money at the weekend, pretty please!!!

Lesley said...

well have a good weekend crafting - are you coming to Ilkeston tonight - if so will see you there - Lesley x