Thursday, 14 May 2009

LOST ...

One Mojo. Last seen in my craft room and the surrounding area, lurking near the ribbon box behind the rubber stamps.
If any one sees it please return asap as it may perish if not returned home. Is not used to leaving the area alone.
Papers, buttons, bows n sparkles are in distress due to loss of said Mojo.

Contact Me on blog if found. a small reward may be offered if word is passed around blog land.

Love Karen xxx


willow said...

I am not sure it isnt at my house as I have more mojo than usual. The mojo isnt a problem here its not enough hours in a day!
you were impressed that I didnt use my ghost writer then?

debby4000 said...

Hope you find it soon

Oma said...

I think I saw it lurking behind your refrigerator! Your mojo will come back real quick when you realize that it's a lot more fun to stamp than to clean behind your refrigerator!

anndees said...

I'm sure that my mojo must be with yours then, I think they have gone on a little holiday. I hope they come back soon.
Anne x

Lesley said...

Sorry Karen but what is a Mojo? - Lesley x

Rica said...

Hi Karen - found it!!!
It was at the haberdashery stall on my local market - pretty lost and upset. I think it was finding a little comfort amongst the ribbons and flowers. Any way I packed it of home to you and told it to watch out for the traffic on it's way so hopefully it will be with you pretty soon.
hugs Heather xx

Lesley said...

You've not posted today :( Lesley x