Saturday, 23 May 2009

Busy busy busy ...

Off to help our friends move in a bit. It's only a short distance and they don't have hoards of stuff so it shouldn't take too long. Not that I mind as we're great mates and have a laugh. looks like the weather is going to be ok so thats a bonus.
Tomorrow I've got to take the van back to Notts as I've borrowed it from a work colleague. Cheers Si your a star.
Tomorrow I'm goingt o the Range with the MIL as she wants to go again, so that goos as there quite good prices there. And then If the weathers good tomoorrow evening I think my friend is doing a BBQ for her Dad's birthday.
Picked up another order yesterday at school for a birthday card. Think the word is spreading WOOHOO !

Can't get onto some of your blogs to leave a comment. I know some of you have been having probs too. So as soon as its fixed I'l pop on n comment.

Well Off to post a challenge card. See you al later.
Have a great day crafting
Love Karen xxx

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