Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Yesterday ...

DS came running out of school with a little bear in a bag with a scrapbook. The instructions said that we kept the said bear over a weekend. I thought thats great take a few pics of DS and the bear doing various things, fill the book in and send it back. As DS was haveing his breakfast this morning he tells me that the said bear and book had to be taken back today. I quickly printed the pics I had taken and wrote in the book and DS put his name at the bottom. He proudly carried the bear and book in its bag back to school this morning.

The joys of a 5 year old. Mind his teacher didn't explain how long we were to keep it either. So I may have a furry house guest again tonight. Watch this space LOL.
Love Karen xxx

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Louise Emma said...

My daughter did this in reception with a colourful worm who had to go exploring with them.... she ket him 3 days and we went everywhere with that bloody thing!