Saturday, 14 February 2009

Phewwww that went without ...

a hitch. Friday 13th. We managed to survive it without any drama. THANK GOODNESS.
Went to see my Dad and he ended up with house full. My brother and his lady arrived on their way to Northumberland. Then my step sister and her youngest arrived. Quite a gathering.

Made a Valentines card for OH and DS (piccies to follow). DS made me one in the form of an old Christmas card. Didn't get one from OH, nothing unusual in that. Never get a card for anything these days. Oh well.

Am off to clean up and get sorted. We've got some friends and their 3 coming round tonight.

Have a lovely day, happy crafting.
Love Karen xxx


Louise Emma said...

Awww hun, your OH needs a kick up the jacksy! My hubby raids mine and my DD card stuff and puts one together himself!

Have a good day hun x

Karen said...

Lou it's ok I'm used to it now. He always tells me not to bother, but I always do.

Have a good day.
Love Karen xxx