Thursday, 12 February 2009

Yesterday ...

was the best sleep I've had for weeks. I went to bed in the day as normal and slept like I was hybernating for the Winter. Fantstic ! Then I went to bed at about 23.30 and slept til 06.45 this morning. Un heard off for me. !
DS's teachers are very pleased with him and say that he is ahead of where he should be in everything especially maths. I'm so proud of him.
Well I'd better go and get ready for the school run. I'm picking his friend up again today. They are very good and walk nicely to school which is a bonus.
In the famous word of Arnie "I'l be back " later with some piccies.

Love Karen xxx

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Louise Emma said...

Glad you got a good kip hun! Makes the world of difference xx