Monday, 23 February 2009

Oh what a night ...

it was. It hasn't been like that at work for ages. Lots of parcels and not enough people. Busy busy busy. At least it makes the time go quicker.
DS is back at school today. I don't know whose more excited me or him. He loves school and we don't have any problems with him going. I love having him at home but it limits my sleep to the bare minimum. On the up side I do get lots of time to craft.
I'm off in a mo to decide which challenge to do next and get ready to do the school run.

Back l8r.
Love Karen xxx


Louise Emma said...

My youngest is the same hun, she loves school and is a real moody mare on the first day of the holidays without fail!!

Louise Emma said...

Ooooh I forgot to say, there is something over on my blog for you xxxx