Saturday, 28 February 2009

Is it morning already ...

I ask myself and the answer is YES !!! We went out to a friends birthday party and had a great time. We came home to find the party next door was still going on, which we expected at just gone mid night. Unfortunately its was still going on at 04.45 when it all turned nasty and the fighting, arguing and furniture throwing started. I wouldn't mind but there are small children in there and it can't be very good for them. This has been happening almost every weekend since they moved in just before Christmas. I'm not sure I can stand it any more.

Sorry to have a moan and I wouldn't usually use my blog for this sort of thing, but what should we do ? Should we complain to the council There tennants), or do we just plod on ? What would you do ?

Love Karen xxx

PS will be back later with some proper blog stuff !


lorna said...

oh karen poor you, not sure what i would do it is a tricky one!

willow said...

I wouldnt normally complain but in this instance I think a phone call to the council would be my first port of call unless they are the sort of people you could speak to direct about it.