Thursday, 23 April 2009

Does my blog look big in this ?

I fancied a blog change so here's what I chose. What do you think ?

It's lovely and sunny here, but a bit chilly. I love it when the weathers good. Everyone seems alot happier and there are more smiley faces about.
DS is playing on the WII and having a conversation with, well himself I think. He often does it and sometimes to David who ever he is. Am not quite sure how he managed to get on there as he's not supposed to play on it before school. Think he snook on while I've been on here. Crafty little chap. LOL.
There's a couple of challenges I want to get done today, so I'l be back later with teh pics.Off to get DS's brekki and get ready for the school run.

Love Karen xxx


Lesley said...

Perhaps not your usualy colours - but I like it - Lesley x

Lesley said...

like your new layout too! Lesley x

Louise Emma said...

I think it's lovely hun x Well done x

Janet said...

It's fab!X