Friday, 22 August 2014

Well what a week ....

it's been. I've been so busy with work and chores that I've not had chance to do any crafting. Oh hum.

Anyway next week myself and hubby are on holiday so lots of time for crafting. Woo hoo. We are off to seaside one day, got the boys new school shoes to get and a few other bits and bobs and then it's me time. I've even persuaded hubby to go craft shopping to get some craft essentials. Well as we all now ladies and gentlemen, EVERYTHING in the shop is essential lol.
Hope the weather stays next week, especially the day we go to the seaside.

Weigh in tomorrow and keeping everything crossed for another loss, although it's hard to balance on the scales with your legs crossed lol.

I'm offski to get ready for work. Have a good and happy day what ever you're up to.


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