Saturday, 16 August 2014

Good afternoon ....

One and all. Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far, I know I am.

Went to weigh in this morning and lost another 2lbs which I was thrilled about. Half a stone to the 3stone bling and 4 weeks to do it in. Keeping everything crossed.

Today we've been out for lunch with my brother and my nephew and niece. It was lovely because we haven't seen each other since Christmas. A lot has happened in months since then. My niece has turned 16, had her prom, I've changed jobs and lost weight. Lots to chat about, including that my nephew wants to be a giant, fluffy penguin in his gap year. Oh well whatever makes him happy lol.  We had a good old catch up at one of our favourite places to eat, Cosmo's. Lovely food from all over the world. I made wise food choices but did treat myself to a dessert yummy !

Well I'd better crack on as I want to get some cards started and I have a wedding card order to do. Back tomorrow with pics.


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