Sunday, 31 August 2014

Felling very proud of myself

For 2 reasons. Firstly I got Woman of the year for my group at Slimming world group. I've going nearly a year and lost nearly 3 stones with them. It's my year anniversary of joining in 2 weeks and have 5 lb to loose to get my 3 stone award, it's going to be hard work but I'm determind to get it on that day. Keep everything crossed for me. I know I can't go through to national level as I'm not at target, but I feel so flattered that my group voted for me. It's such an honour.
This is what I wanted to share yesterday but had to go out

And secondly I got top 3 on Sunday sketch and stamp challenge 215 with this card. I love this stamp and it's fairly old now and very well used, but always produces a wonderful image.
Congratulations to the lovely Debby 4000 and Karen C for being the other 2 in the top 3.
Please take a look at their blogs as they are both wonderful crafters.

Both things are equally important to me as they have restored some of my confidence in my crafting and in myself. And, for anyone that knows will know that my lack of confidence is an ongoing journey.

Thank you for visiting my little blog and please feel free to come again. Visitors are always welcome.



Julie said...

Well done on both fronts :)

Lesley said...

well done you - I know how hard it is to loose weight best wishes Lesley x