Saturday, 19 September 2009

Just a quick

Pop in while it's still dark. Well what a day I had yesterday, I was so busy, but not crafting BOO HOO !

We took Ds to school complete with footie kit for after school fottie club. He's been waiting since reception to join and he LOVED it ! Any way then it was off to the hospital for me. We got there very early but the time passed quickly and my turn soon came after being weighed ( better than I thought), I've lost a bit of weight which is good, blood pressure, height an BMI. Then I finally saw the Dr, not the one on my letter. I didn't mind 'cos he was extremely nice and helpful, explained everything really well.
I've got to have what they call NON AGGRESSIVE surgery as a day case on my BIRTHDAY and WEDDING ANNIVERSARY of all days ! Then it'l take 4-6 months to see if it's solved the problem. If not then it's back to square one. Oh humm !

My house is going to be full of children today as my SIL and her 5 and hubby's 8 yr old are coming over as our car failed it's MOT yesterday on silly BULBS. AARRRGGGHHHH !
So I'm going to lock myself in my craft room I think YEAHHHHHHH !

Well thats me for now Ta for listening my lovely blogland family.
T T F N Love Karen xxx


Carol Ann said...

I hope the surgery goes well for you Karen, enjoy the houseful of children today :) x

Jackie said...

Likewise on the surgery Karen.
At least it's only bulbs, my car broke down on me and it going to cost £100 plus :o(
Jackie xx

Jill said...

aww Karen, hope it all goes ok hun, What day is your Birthday? hugs Jill xx

Lynne in NI said...

Good luck with the surgery Karen - you'll just have to have an early birthday/anniversary party!
Don't MOT's drive you mad when you get a real 'jobsworth' - our car was failed on a faulty fog light once, and apart from that it was a perfectly roadworthy car!