Saturday, 12 September 2009

COooooeeeeeyyyyy ....

I'm back, well I've never been away really. My pc has been running slow for the past week or so, which it shouldn't cos I had it upgraded a bit ago. Anyway we've sorted it now. We found loads of monitoring cookies in firefox. We've taken it off and this morning we've got a clean bill of health. Thank goodness !

I haven't done much crafting this week and what I have done I can't show you yet. BOO HOO! I think it'l be worth the wait though.

I had some wonderful news last week. My brother and his lady have got engaged ! I'm sooooo happy for them. I've said I'l make their wedding stationary for them as a gift.

I'l be back later with an award from my DT sister and hopefully something card like .

Love Karen x

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Biscuitlid said...

Good to see you back and glad your PC is sorted.

Congrats to your brother