Sunday, 29 March 2009

Well I haven't ...

slept so much in ages. Friday night 7 1/2 hours and last night 9 hours. Unheard off for me, usually I only sleep for 5 or 6 at the most. I guess I must've needed it. I think it's because I work FT nights I've become nocturnal. Even at the weekends LOL ! I usually craft while everyone else is fast a nan nites.
I have had to put a bolt on my craft room door as little fingers keep going and nicking my DS tape for his own creative projects. The other day it was a padded pop bottle coated in DS tape. Not only had he used a roll of sticky pad, he had used nearly a full roll of tape. My last roll I might add. Where was I you are asking. I can here you. Hanging the washing out. Those little fingers are fast.

I've done my blog hopping for now am off to to do a challenge or 2 or maybe 3. Who knows.

T T F N happy crafting.
Love Karen xxx


lorna said...

i'm considering putting a lock on my door too karen only they are not so little fingers knicking my stuff lol....they do work fast don't they!

Louise Emma said...

Oh I so know that problem karen LOL!! and I have 2 little monsters!!!