Sunday, 15 March 2009

Boy Oh Boy is it ...

GREAT to be back !!! After getting my pc de bugged and back to normal the modem didn't seem to be working. I rang our service provider and it seems that between my firewalls and the providers anti nasti stuff, the modem got jammed and no signal was getting thru. Anice young man in a far off land fixed it for me. THANK YOU to him !

Now then where do I start. I've had a look at my fav blogs and ladies you've done some stunning cards. Well done to you all.
Now I need to get back on track with challenges and an order I picked up last week. It's for a wedding card for a CARDMAKER. How scary is that ?!

Well I'm going to do a bit of blog hoping and then crack on with some crafting I think.
Love Karen xxx


willow said...

good to see you back

lorna said...

great to see you back karen and great to see you yesterday.