Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Another Magnolia Easter card

Very similar to the other one, just a few more flowers on this one. She's soooo gorjus.

I bet you've all fallen off your chairs all these posts from me in one week. It's part of the new me. I've neglected my blog friends too long and I'm on a mission to get back into blo land and get posting and hopping again. Fingers crossed. I would like to do challenges again and get back creating again. I seem to have lost my way a bit with style and such like. But I'm back doing my fav stuff again, so watch this space LOL.

Thanks for being out there and call in anytime.



Sue said...

a fab card thanks for sharing Luv Sue x

Lesley said...

good to see you back on form best wishes Lelsey x

Lesley said...

great card by the way :) x

Tracey said...

Karen, lovely to see you blogging again and wow, your cards are smashing. Hope you are keeping well and its Derby Dabblers on Friday, if you fancy it. Tracey x

anndees said...

I have given you an award follow this link to claim it then do what it says to officially claim it.