Sunday, 25 July 2010

Oh the musings of a 6 year old ...

As some of you know my DS is 6 but very old fashioned. I put it down to me being older and the fact that he thinks way too much for his age.
Well today we have finally found out where marmalade comes from. Now you may all think that it's made with oranges, but you're mistaken. Marmalade is made by butterflies that collect nectar to make it. Yes I did put butterflies. He knows it's true because he heard on the news. Which news channel you might ask. Well that'l be BBC 3. So now you know !

Not as amusing as a few weeks ago when I asked my OH to nip to Iceland to fetch a few bits. A voice from the back said " it's closed ", " no it isn't" I replied, " It's Sunday they close at 5 ".
" No Mum, it's shut 'cos the aeroplanes can't get out 'cos that volcano interrupted".

Oh to be 6 again and know what I know now.
Love Karen xxx


mckinkle said...

Hi Karen! The tale about Iceland really made me laugh, oh to have a six year old with that mind would be amazing!

Keryn x

Jackie said...

Aren't kids just great :o)
Jackie xx

lorna said...

ah bless him, now you take note, cause he knows lol
hope your well karen x x

Annie said...

thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a lovely comment. I have smiled reading yours at the antics of your DS!
hugs, annie x