Sunday, 25 July 2010

It's not everyone ....

That's got a Sweet pepper plant in their living room you know. Yes you guessed it I have. OH reckons it might stop the cat knocking the flowers off. Uuuurrrmmm if you ask me it's just asking for trouble, she ripped the wallpaper the other night. And that window does get alot of sun during the day so he's hoping for a bumper crop. Only time will tell, but I'l keep you informed.
Well I'm off for a kip before work tonight, oh the joys of working for an international parcel company.

Love Karen xxx


Lesley said...

I look forward to seeing pics of sweet peppers it produces - not sure that it is cat friendly tho' - hope you have a quiet night at work best wishes Lesley x

mckinkle said...

Oh good luck with your sweet pepper indoors, I'll be interested to know how it gets on! I couldnt keep one alive last summer and this year another doesnt seem to want to grow!

Keryn x