Thursday, 4 September 2008

Soooo sorry...

I've not been around much this week. I'm suffering from sleep deprivation as DS didn't go back to school until today. It was a bit emotional as he looked so grown up in his uniform.
Will be posting a couple of cards in a bit. 2 are samples for Christmas the other 1 was a card I made for a colleagues birthday.

Not much else happening in my world. Looking forward to Dabblers tomorrow night. Proper conversation that doesn't include Nintendo wii's, Mario kart or Sonic.

Back soon love Karen x

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Stephanie Parsloe said...

Hey Karen,

I bet your little one looked so grown up - did you cry? I would have!! lol

Sorry we missed you last night, hope you are ok, and not too busy!

Hope to catch up with you soon

Steph x